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Podiatry Services


Both Podiatrists have more than 25 years experience in treating more than 30,000 patients and have performed thousands of procedures to achieve excellent results.  Commonly treated foot and ankle problems would include ingrown nails, fungus nails, warts, corns and callouses and dry skin.  Different musculoskeletal problems would include infant tripping, flat or high arched feet or in-toeing, joint pain, joint misalignments, plantar fasciitis, bunion deformities, hammer toes, and osteoarthritis. Traumatic injuries would include ankle sprains, toe crushing injuries, dislocations, muscle strains, bursitis and tendonitis. Endocrine problems would include gout or foot complications from diabetes.  As with all conditions, non-surgical medical treatment is emphasized with surgery as the last resort. When surgery is required, both Podiatrists are highly skilled and are board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.


Both Podiatrists have received advanced training in managing foot complications related to diabetes.  While residents at the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Francisco, the Foot Doctors were involved in a special multi-specialty team for diabetic patients with limb threatening leg or foot wounds.  Since this experience, the doctors have gained considerable experience in managing and curing diabetic ulcers and related diabetic complications while in practice.  For a guideline concerning foot care for the diabetic - Read More Here.  The Doctors also participate in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe program and proudly carry Dr. Comfort shoes. For patients, this provides an easy access to protective shoes and insoles that are paid for by Medicare for those Diabetic patients who meet established Medicare guidelines. In many cases, PPO insurances also cover diabetic shoes and the office would be happy to verify if your insurance has diabetic shoes as a benefit.


Woman do have special foot needs due to the unique shape and design of a woman's foot. When a woman has a foot or ankle problem, both of the doctors tailor the medical care being provided with the specific cosmetic and functional considerations for a woman. In addition to treatment considerations, the office has been designed with the woman in mind in maintaining a clean office and having tasteful decorations and comfortable furniture.


Dr. Mark Reed was an All-American collegiate water polo player and continues to be a competitive master swimmer and water polo player.   Dr. Melanie Reed was a Triathlon participant for a number of years.  Both Podiatrists understand the unique issues of treating athletes.  In addition, for more than ten years, both doctors have been involved with providing medical consultation and intervention for the Yorba Linda and Esperanza High School Football Team whenever a foot or ankle injury has occurred.  Furthermore, both Foot Doctors have helped many aspiring athletes both young and old to achieve their athletic objectives in overcoming a sport related injury.  Treatment plans are tailored to each sport and the timetable required for rehabilitation for optimal athletic performance.


Both Foot Doctors are experienced in managing foot and ankle injuries. Either at the Emergency Room or after being evaluated at the Emergency Room, both doctors are experienced in providing follow-up care for a foot or ankle injury. In many cases, emergency foot and ankle problems can be treated at the doctor's office. Emergency office visits are given priority in arranging for an appointment.


If you are thinking about surgery but need a second opinion from a experienced Podiatrist, both Foot Doctors are equally qualified to provide a surgical second opinion based on many years of experience.  During the course of obtaining a second surgical opinion, you will receive a thorough history and physical examination as well as the doctor will explain what is the medical problem and what can be done to correct it from a surgical standpoint. The second surgical opinion will be truly an independent opinion and not just a rubber stamp of the original surgeon's recommendations. Typically, one hour is spent with the doctor for a second opinion consultation.


Both Podiatrists are certified Qualified Medical Examiners and have treated many patients with work related injuries and understands the worker's compensation system. If it has been longer than 30 days since your injury at work and you are not happy with your treating doctor, you are entitled to switch to another treating doctor. In seeking treatment for your work-related injury, Dr. Reed's office will take care of all of the required billing and reporting requirements.


Due to the many limits placed on being an HMO patient, over the years the doctors have provided numerous HMO second opinion consultations. After the second opinion consultation is over, the doctor will send a report and call the HMO doctor if the medical problem requires prompt treatment. Because an outside specialist is providing a second opinion to the HMO doctor, usually proper medical treatment will then be provided by the HMO if this treatment has been delayed or is still pending review.
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